Current Project Opportunities

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“JESUS” Film New Language Version – $42,000

Today, more than half the world has still not heard the gospel, and half of those cannot read or write and remain lost without Christ. National church leaders and ministry partners are eagerly awaiting the gospel on film—the "tool of choice"—to reach their people for Christ. By sponsoring a new language version of “JESUS,” or other editions of “JESUS” like “Magdalena: Released From Shame,” “The Story of Jesus for Children,” and others, you can help give them the good news in their heart language—the one they best understand.

Church Planting Evangelism Backpack Kit – $2,980

This mini-video projector, speakers, solar panels and rechargeable battery all fit into a backpack and provide everything needed to reach the unreached with the “JESUS” film. An evangelist can move freely without arousing suspicion, presenting the gospel to seekers in private showings, and in urban settings, especially in restricted nations. Pocket projector sets are ideal for reaching audiences of up to 200 people.

“JESUS” Film Teams India – $13,920

Today, The film "JESUS" is now in more than 100 Indian dialects and is a key tool to reaching people in both urban and rural settings. Laborers, trained and equipped, are needed to take the message of hope and salvation to the 1.2 billion men, women and children of this South Asian nation—people who are lost and blinded by traditional religions. You can resource a film-and-church-planting team for a year and help transform hundreds—even thousands—of lives and make a difference for the kingdom.

"JESUS" Film Team for a Month - $1,160

Skilled, dedicated, knowledgeable teams not only show “JESUS,” but also train partner teams to do the same. By synergizing the work of mission workers and church volunteers in an area, the staff teams multiply and reproduce themselves. Equipped with “JESUS” projection tools and follow-up materials, far more churches and small groups are being planted and nurtured. Your partnership will help cover the following costs:

• Travel expenses • Church-planting • Follow-up costs • Team supervision • Discipleship literature • Other ministry expenses • Training and mentoring local leaders • Promotional materials and advertising • A modest living allowance

Teams can reach and train hundreds of people each month.

New Language Version: “Reflections of Hope” Women's Bible Study Series – $1,750

“Reflections of Hope” is the companion Bible study for “Magdalena,” the adapted “JESUS” film for women. To date, “Magdalena” is available in more than 161 languages. The need is to produce “Reflections of Hope” in each language. Help women delve deeper in their faith with topics such as love, forgiveness, sin, obedience, God's provision, healing and more. You can provide for the eight-lesson study to be dubbed into a new heart language.

Video Tablet with Jesus Film® Media Tools – $350

You know them as iPads® or tablets. For people in restricted nations where tablets are a common sight, these modern marvels present news of the Savior and the gospel. With a high memory capacity, and clear, large screens, these new tools can download, store and present the complete “JESUS” film, “Magdalena: Released From Shame”(the adapted “JESUS” film for women), Jesus Film follow-up videos, and more. You can put the powerful message of the good news of Jesus into the hands of a trained believer who can help his or her nation for Christ.

70 SD Cards of "JESUS" – $700

Every SD card you give can be used in a mighty, unexpected way. From crowded Indian cities to remote Arabian villages, “JESUS,” videos captivate hearts of unreached people. Partnership mission agencies and video teams worldwide use "JESUS" SD cards to reach children and adults in homes, schools, neighborhoods and communities. You can help people see the gospel through "JESUS" in their heart language. Send Christ's message of love and forgiveness to people who have yet to hear even once.

Jesus Film Project Greatest Opportunities Fund

So much has been accomplished, but the job is far from finished! Billions of men, women and children all over the world have yet to hear and understand the gospel through the film “JESUS” and other Jesus Film media in their heart language. You can help ministry partners, film team workers, staff, and the many hundreds of denominations and Christian agencies that have used this powerful film to help fulfill the Great Commission. The suggested amount for this project is $500.

Single Voice Narration (SVN) of "JESUS" - New Language Version - $17,000

Small, isolated people groups live in extremely remote areas. They have developed their own unique languages or dialects. Although small in number, they too need to hear Him speak. A Single Voice Narration of “JESUS” can be recorded by a Jesus Film partner, equipped to produce a translation in only a few weeks.