"JESUS" Film Team for a Month - $1,160

Imagine a people group, having little to no exposure to the Word of God, being shown a film in their heart language about the life of Jesus Christ, taken straight from the Book of Luke. This can happen through the sponsorship of a “JESUS” film or partner team, which will present the gospel, follow up those who respond and plant new churches.

We can resource a film-and-church-planting team for a month and help transform hundreds—even thousands—of lives and make a difference for the kingdom.

Skilled, dedicated, knowledgeable teams not only show “JESUS,” but also train partner teams to do the same. By synergizing the work of mission workers and church volunteers in an area, the staff teams multiply and reproduce themselves. Equipped with “JESUS” projection tools and follow-up materials, far more churches and small groups are being planted and nurtured. Your partnership will help cover the following costs:

• Travel expenses
• Discipleship literature 
• Church-planting                
• Training and mentoring local leaders 
• Follow-up costs                 
• Promotional materials and advertising  
• Team supervision              
• A modest living allowance
• Other ministry expenses   

Thank you for praying; thank you for giving; and thank you for responding to our Lord’s commission.

"How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!" (Romans 10:15b, NIV)