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Vision: Through our prayer, commitment, and collaboration–advancing the kingdom of God

We have completed ​our commitment toward​​ digital media​. ​It is hard to imagine the impact that we, as a group, have had on eternity! Our current project is to raise $50,000 toward ​a partnership with the ​Evangelical Free Church - West Africa​. Jesus Film will provide the film, equipment and training​ combined with the Evangelical Free Church's people, salaries, follow-up, and supervision​ becoming a powerful partnership package​ that will focus on the world's least-reached areas and areas where the "JESUS" film is presently underutilized. IN PROGRESS

Jesus Film Digital Media. Check out the site: $50,000 COMPLETED 

Jenjo language recording and launch of "JESUS" for Nigeria: $46,480 COMPLETED

Gurage, West language recording and launch of "Magdalena" for Ethiopia: $46,290 COMPLETED

Widows Fund for East Asia: $7,600 COMPLETED

2 Mission 865 languages for Asia: $38,000 COMPLETED

(The TARGET of the thermometer above reflects funding for the completed project target amounts plus gifts that have now been applied to our new project— two Mission 865 language recordings—and more!)

We started with the "JESUS" film recording in the Jenjo language for the people of Nigeria and now, by the grace of God, in less than four years we've given toward 4 language recordings, the launching of two of them, and we've shared the love of Jesus to widows in East Asia. Men, women and children will spend eternity with the Lord as a result of our investment.

Imagine a people group having little to no exposure to the Word of God, being shown a movie in their own language about the life of Jesus Christ taken straight from the Book of Luke. This can be achieved through funding a new language translation of "JESUS," the most translated film in history.

Today, more than half the world has still not heard the gospel, and half of those cannot read or write and remain lost without Christ. To date, there are 865 "people groups" (people who share a common heart language) of 50,000 speakers or more without a "JESUS" film translation in their own dialect. National church leaders and ministry partners are eagerly awaiting the gospel on film—the "tool of choice"—to reach their people for Christ. By sponsoring a new translation of “JESUS,” or other editions of “JESUS” like “Magdalena: Released From Shame,” “The Story of Jesus for Children,” and others, we can help give them the good news in their heart language—the one they best understand.

Our goal, through partnership, is to provide opportunities for those who have yet to encounter Christ and the love He offers. Through shared resources and budgeting, we hope to complete the financing of the translation in two years. The excitement of partnering with similar like-minded brothers and sisters in Christ truly is awe-inspiring.

"Now to him who is able to do IMMEASURABLY MORE than we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us" (Ephesians 3:20, NIV).

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